Welcome to the UUBF

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship!

Since the introduction of the first Buddhist texts to America in the mid-nineteenth century, Buddhism has been an extremely influential force among Unitarians and, over the last thirty years, Unitarian Universalists. Early Unitarians, such as Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Ralph Waldo Emerson responded with great enthusiasm to Buddhism’s emphasis on individual experience, rather than appeal to scriptures or belief in miraculous events, as the basis for authority in spiritual matters.
In recent years, Unitarian Universalists have increasingly been drawn to explore Buddhist religious practices, especially seated meditation, in order to ground the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning” that is one of the guiding principles of the UU tradition. Meditation invites a direct and immediate experience of reality and provides a balance to purely intellectual inquiry.

From the announcement in the World of a UU-Zen retreat with Rev. James Ishmael Ford, March ’96



Follow the link in the Menu Bar above. Membership is only $25 a year and brings you our newsletter/journal, the UU Sangha. More importantly, your membership supports the UUBF presence at each year’s General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, supports outreach to prisoner-members of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and builds our community. Membership also facilitates communication among us through our listserv, UUBF-L. Follow the link below to sign up for UUBF-L.

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